Modular design:

  1. IO Modules
    Common for most Automation Devices are the need for Input and Output units. Typically there is a need for 0 - 24V Input and Relay Outputs. The number of Input and Outputs may very. The LION-protocol allows for any number of these units to be put together to fulfill your exact need.
  2. Processor Module
    The LION Protocol offers the opportunity to use different Processor Modules that may support different Automation Protocol, such as BACnet, KNX or LON. DAVITORs main focus is on the BACnet Processor Module that supports BACnet over IP. On this Processor Module the development environment is hosted using the DTX environment. 4R8DI
  3. Different vendors
    Several Vendors may provide modules for the LION Protocol. Hence, your product may consist of modules that has never been combined like that before.