Talk to everyone:

  1. Talking Devices
    Everywhere in our society today, there are technical devices and the level of automation has increased. Many of these devices are Embedded systems in the sense that they contain at least one microprocessor. Most of these devices don’t communicate to each other. Few devices that communicate with other devices does so in a standardized way. Imagine if people couldn’t talk to each other, or only could understand people in their own family. What has become better, easier by the possibility of global communication? There are today a few global standards of communication for building and some also applies to vehicles. These standard are more or less open and divided into parts that correspond to different layers in the OSI model. The most common open standards are LON, KNX and BACnet. Only BACnet offers the possibility to download source code and develop your own device without license fees or expensive key components.
  2. Talking to thousands of products.
    It’s essential to be able to talk to all BACnet devices. Not only the devices that are made by the same manufacturer. For details on BACnet se: Introduction to BACnet
  3. Extended Protocol - Simple Binding
    DAVITOR offers an extension to BACnet called BAC-QL, that makes connection of devices, or their objects easy and can handle logic between values, or between logical expressions. This does not mean that the BACnet standard isn’t applied. All BACnet devices can still talk to these devices like any other BACnet devices, and these devices can talk to all other BACnet devices. It means that connecting a device with BAC-QL is real time configurable with real-time interpretation logic.